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Have you noticed a fault with your car?

Court Road MOTs is dedicated to helping motorists get on the road in a safe and mechanically sound manner by providing cost-effective car servicing.


Our friendly and efficient staff can complete car servicing on a one-off basis or a scheduled basis. So if you have a family fleet of cars and you want to keep your family safe on the road we can complete car servicing on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.

A complete range of services

• Brake pad and disc replacement

• Air conditioning refresher

• Tyre replacement

• Window replacement

• Oil change and top up

• Gearbox servicing and repairs

• Engine diagnostics

• Clutch adjustment and replacement

• Car MOT

• Van MOT

Cost-effective and fast

servicing and repairs for your car

Call today for any kind of servicing and repairs for your vehicle.

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